Real Estate Agent Fees

Real Estate Agent Fees

Real Estate Agent Fees

As of February 2017 I have provided new property management fees for 2017.

I have also created a special bonus at the end that will tell you exactly how much you are spending on an agent.

In the past many Property Owners were basically forced to use an Agent to help manage their investment properties because of a lack of tools and resources available to property owners to go DIY on a professional level. However many owners still use an agent and as always the first thing investors think of when using a Property Manager is the cost.

The cost to use a Real Estate Agent to help manage your property differs from one city to another and Agent to Agent across Australia.

If you do your research you will find most agents charge around $1500 – $2500 per year depending on a range of factors such as the rent amount, fees and how often you need to find new tenants.

After speaking to a range of other professionals and researching my own competitors throughout the last 7 years I have found the below to be an average cost schedule for most reputable Real Estate Agents in 2017.

Management Fee – 7.7% – 8.8%
Lease renewal – $200
Advertising – $150
Postage/Admin – $8 per month

As an example, If your property was $400 per week and you advertised and renewed your lease within the one year the basic cost of using a Real Estate Agent will be around $2047 at 7.7% management fee.

The above fee schedule does not involve other costs that will be similar if you used any quality level of Agency or managed your own property such as the costs to go to Tribunal, Landlord Insurance, smoke alarm servicing, TICA/NTD checks as these payments generally go straight to the company and not the Agent.

Take note that some agents may charge a lower fee somewhere but charge higher fees or add extra fees elsewhere to make up for it. If you shop around you will be able to find that you can get it cheaper, but be warned this will normally come at a cost. I’ve personally charged around these figures stated above however I have had competitors charge 5.5% management fee; and no wonder a couple of them went out of business or got sued by an upset Property Owner for incompetent management or just the fact that they focus on quantity rather than quality.

Using a cheaper agency, may be fine for a year or two but somewhere along the line you will find major faults and as I always say, ‘they always come running back’.
As a Real Estate Agency, If you charge a much lower rate, you will get more business but this requires more work and extremely good systems but because the fees are so low its difficult to afford the staff and software costs associated to managing a higher number of properties.

The below is all new information as of February 2017.

Property management fees are getting a little more tricky.

Some are going for a simple approach like 10% on rent collected with everything included except for miscellaneous things like fronting up at tribunal and tenant checks.

On the other hand some agents are trying to display a real low figure to get you interested like 4.4% on rent collected but then charge hidden fees for routine inspections and all sorts of silly add ons.

On average this could be used as a benchmark for agent fees in 2017:

Management fee – 7%
New Letting fee – 2 weeks rent plus GST
Advertising – $180
Postage/Admin – $9 per month
EFY Statement – $52

You may also pay extra for:

  • Tribunal preparation & attendance. (about $200)
  • Lease renewal for current tenants. ($50 – 1 weeks rent)
  • Tenant checks on NTD and TICA. (about $29 per check)

You can negotiate lower fees in some circumstances. For example if you have multiple properties next to each other or if the rent amount is more than $600 per week you have good grounds to start negotiating.

Here is the special bonus I created. It’s a fee calculator to make it simple for you to work out your yearly spend on a property manager.

The fees are adjustable so can change them to suit any quote you received.

Download the bonus fee calculator below.

Prefer Google Spreadsheets? Click here

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About Michael Gilbert

Co-founder & Joint CEO of Cubbi. Common Ground.

I started real estate in 2006 on the NSW Central Coast. Loved it but noticed too many owners and tenants were unhappy with the value most agents were giving or simply wanted another option that didn't involve doing it all themselves. That's how Cubbi came about.

  • Julie Leigh Lawrence

    Can anyone tell me why sundries is charged? Once upon a time it was for postage, photocopying, stationary … Today, everything is emailed. My agent started emailing my statements fortnightly with a $5.50 fee on each one. Seems like a money grab to me.

  • michaelgilber1

    Hi Julie. I agree. I believe agents do it because they have always charged a statement fee (of some kind) and therefore they believe they still can still charge it even though they now email the statements. Yes a money grab!

    Keep in mind agents have to post certain documents (termination notices etc) so some would argue a Postage / statement or sundries charge is important.

    This is why you simply just need to balance the total fees charged over a year to decide if they are worth it. (as some will just incorporate it in their standard commission % fee)

    You can use the calculator above to this.

  • Mike Dalakis

    Given rents are much higher than in past years, agent fees (in capital cities) should be no more than 5% + GST (if the rent is over $500 pw) and it is not too hard to find an agent with such fees around Melbourne suburbs. You should also expect re-leasing to an existing tenant to be free of charge.

  • Michael Gardiner

    Metro Property just charged me $1106.54 to release my property in Hampton Park including ads fees. WTF!!!